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2019 Tackle Football Registration


Welcome to 2019 Tackle Football Registration

Welcome to 2019 Bartlett Youth Football Tackle Football Registration! This is an awesome opportunity to get your child involved in a sport that they will love, will instill confidence and discipline, and will give them a great opportunity to get some exercise.

Bartlett Youth Tackle Football is sponsored by the Bartlett Football Booster Club and is free to any child that attends school in the Bartlett City School District. The only cost is the equipment that you must purchase for your child.

The following forms should answer your questions and will provide you the opportunity to register your child to play.

Thank You!

David Reaves

Bartlett Youth Football President


2019 Tackle Football Fact Sheet

  1. What ages do you offer tackle? 7-10 years old or 2nd-5th grade.
  2. Are you affiliated with a national football organization? Yes. USA Football.
  3. Who are the head coaches- Mitey-Mites(7 & 8 year olds)- Mitch McDaniel Peewees(9&10 year olds) - Doug Abernathy
  4. Whom do you play? Lakeland, Arlington, Collierville, Tipton, and other teams to make out the schedule.
  5. How much does it cost? The only costs you have out of pocket directly is any equipment costs. You equipment is purchased from All-American. We wear black jerseys and pants. If your stuff still fits from last season, you will not need to buy new for this season. Total equipment cost is around $200
  6. Who underwrites the rest of the fees? The Bartlett Booster Club takes care of the rest of the expense.
  7. What else is required of parents? Parents will participate in two Booster Club fundraisers as well as  required to serve in a concession stand once for either a middle school or high school game.
  8. Do you have more than one team? Yes. A varsity and j/v in each division
  9. Will my child play? Our league rules require that each child play at least 50 % of the snaps unless they cannot protect themselves and pose a risk to get hurt.
  10. Do your coaches undergo a back ground check and training? Yes. Every head coach and assistant coaches undergo a full background check through ncsisafe. Eachhead coach also goes through USA football Level One tackle training.
  11. Where do we practice? Ellendale Park in Bartlett
  12. When do we practice? During the season, we practice on Monday and Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 PM. During the preseason, we condition 3 days a week.
  13. When do we play games? Typically, we play games on Thursday nights at the following locations. Locations are subject to change.
    • Bartlett High - Bartlett
    • Arlington Sports Plex - Arlington
    • Lakeland Prep - Lakeland
    • Cox Park – Collierville
    • Munford Park - Munford TN
  14. When is our 1st game? Tentatively August 29th
  15. When does the season end? November 5th(if you go to the championship game)
  16. Can girls play? Yes
  17. Are you affiliated with SYS? No
  18. Are your referees professionals? Yes. Our referees are all TSSAA officials ho you may see calling games on Saturday nights. They are all credentialed by the NFHS (national federation for high schools.
  19. Can my child pick his/her jersey number? Yes. Prior to the final order being submitted, you will give us your top 3 jersey picks. However, preference is given to those who already play for us and have a number.
  20. Do you take 6th graders? No. 6th grades in Bartlett play for their middle school.
  21. Do you make safety a priority? Absolutely. A child’s safety is of the utmost importance. Our organization has a player safety coach that is specially trained and trains our coaches in cutting edge safety for kids.
  22. Do you have weight limits to carry the ball? Yes. Please reference the rules section of this website.
  23. Can I coach? It depends on your background check and space but we always consider good coaches.
  24. When does registration start? April 8th
  25. Will you have apparel? Yes
  26. When does practice start? Football conditioning starts July 8th.


Please direct questions to: David Reaves at

David Reaves

David Reaves


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