Bartlett Youth Football

2020 Panther Power Conditioning Camp



Welcome to the 2020 Panther Power Conditioning Camp Registration! This camp will strive to help your child learn good lifting and training habits and increase their personal strength and conditioning. Below you will find all you need to know about the camp. We look forward to working with your child!


1) What ages can participate? Rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders

2) What will the kids be doing? Learning basic lifting movements and working on speed and agility.

3) When will the camp start and when will it end? Monday February 3rd - Thursday May 21st

4) What days of the week will we have camp? Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 5-6:15 PM. As we move into mid- March, we will go outside more and could extend to 6:30-6:45.

5) Is it safe for a child to life wights at his age? Yes if taught correctly. The goal of this camp is to not only make them stronger but for them to learn how to properly lift creating the base for future development.

6) Who will teach the camp? Bartlett High School Coaches

7) What is the cost? The cost is $20 a month

8) Why is there a cost and what do we get? By rule, this is a camp open to any kid these age groups that want to attend. The money will go to pay stipends to the trainers and provide a dry fit workout shirt for the kids.

9) Where will workouts be held? Workouts will be held in the varsity football locker room entrance off of Blackwell. Once the new weight room is complete, we will transition to the new space.

10) How do I register for the camp? The link at the bottom.

11) When do we transition to MS football team conditioning? In June

12) Do we need a physical before the camp starts? No. But it is always a good idea before  starting a workout regimen.

13) Can I pay with credit card  monthly? yes. we can setup a payment

14) Can  I write a check? yes. Please make it out to Bartlett Touchdown Club.

15) Can I pay for all 4 months at one time? yes. It will be $80.

16) Can I pay cash? yes, absolutely

17) Any opportunity to fundraise for our fees? yes. We will have a Spring steak dinner fundraiser in April. You will have to sell at least 2 tickets to cover the amount.

18) Who do we contact for information? Coach Kevin Whiteside - 248-464-147



Please direct questions to: David Reaves or Coach Kevin Whiteside - 248-464-147